she began to play the piano three years ago


  • Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to tướng indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to tướng each of the following questions.

    Bạn đang xem: she began to play the piano three years ago

    Câu hỏi:

    She began to tướng play the piano three years ago.

    • A. She has played the piano since three years.
    • B. She has played the piano for three years.
    • C. She doesn’t play the piano now.
    • D. She stops playing the piano now.

    Lời giải tham ô khảo:

    Đáp án đúng: B

    Đáp án B

    Kiến thức: Thì thời điểm hiện tại trả thành

    Giải thích:

    Cách dùng: trình diễn miêu tả hành vi đang được xẩy ra nhập vượt lên trước khứ và còn tiếp nối cho tới hiện tại tại

    Cấu trúc: S + began + V_quá khứ đơn + O + khoảng chừng thời hạn + ago. 

    = S + has/have  + VP2 for + khoảng chừng thời hạn.

    Tạm dịch: Cô ấy chính thức nghịch ngợm đàn piano nhập 3 năm trước đó.

    A. Sai vì thế 3 năm là khoảng chừng thời hạn, ko sử dụng since.

    B. Đúng (Cô ấy đang được nghịch ngợm đàn piano được 3 năm.)

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    C. Sai về thì của động từ

    D. Sai về nghĩa và thì của động từ

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  • Indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation: invited, played, existed, extended
  • Indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation: light, knife, kite, ship
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  • Susan usually stays up late,.................?
  • The story I’ve just read................... by Agatha Christie.
  • Due to tướng severe weather condition, we had to tướng wait long hours_____the airport
  • The sooner you take the medicine, ________ you will feel.
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  • The local authority asked for a __________contribution from the community to tướng repair roads and bridges.
  • Such approaches should be supported and mainstreamed in health interventions in order  to________ positive behavior change.
  • The principal will ____________a speech at the meeting.
  • Its wise to tướng think about choosing a ____________ before leaving school.
  • After congratulating his team, the coach left, allowing the players to tướng let their ____________ down for a while.
  • Your store needs a bold sign that will catch the________ of anyone walking down the street. That may help to tướng sell more products.
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  • The African rhino is an endangered species and needs protecting.
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  • The word their” in the last paragraph refers to tướng __________.
  • According to tướng the passage, which is NOT true?v
  • Which of the following best describes the main purpose of the author in the passage?
  • As mentioned in the first paragraph, the following aspects will be influenced by the aging in the society, EXCEPT ___________.
  • What does the word this” in paragraph 3 refer to?
  • The word eligible” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to tướng __________.
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  • He didn’t meet her even one time since they said goodbye together.
  • I bought an interesting book last week, but I cannot find them now.
  • Hes such a bored guy because he only ever talks about himself.
  • She began to tướng play the piano three years ago.
  • I’ll help you repair this washing machine, Jenny”, he said.
  • You are supposed to tướng be here at 9 a.m, but it is 11 a.m now.
  • You didn’t help bủ.I couldn’t overcome the problem.
  • I posted the letter. I realized that I had forgotten to tướng put on a stamp.