in spite of their disabilities

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D đồ sộ indicate the answer đồ sộ each of the question.

There are many mistakes that people make when writing their resume (CV) or completing a job application. Here are some of the most common and most serious.

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The biggest problem is perhaps listing the duties for which you were responsible in a past position: all this tells your potential employers is what you were supposed đồ sộ tự. They tự not necessarily know the specific skills you used in executing them, nor tự they know what results you achieved - both of which are essential. In short, they won’t know if you were the best, the worst or just average in your position.

The more concrete information you can include, the better. As far as possible, provide measurements of what you accomplished. If any innovations you introduced saved the organization money, how much did they save? If you found a way of increasing productivity, by what percentage did you increase it?

Writing what you are trying đồ sộ achieve in life - your objective - is a waste of space. It tells the employer what you are interested in. Do you really think that employers care what you want? No, they are interested in what they want! Instead, use that space for a career summary. A good one is brief - three đồ sộ four sentences long. A good one will make the person reviewing your application want đồ sộ read further.

Many resumes list ‘hard’ job-specific skills, almost đồ sộ the exclusion of transferable, or ‘soft’, skills. However, your ability đồ sộ negotiate effectively, for example, can be just as important as your technical skills.

All information you give should be relevant, sánh carefully consider the job for which you are applying. If you are applying for a job that is somewhat different than thở your current job, it is up đồ sộ you đồ sộ draw a connection for the resume reviewer, sánh that they will understand how your skills will fit in their organization. The person who reviews your paperwork will not be a mind reader.

If you are modest about the skills you can offer, or the results you have achieved, a resume reader may take what you write literally, and be left with a low opinion of your ability: you need đồ sộ say exactly how good you are. On the other hand, of course, never stretch the truth or lie.


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What topic does the passage mainly discuss?

A. The way how đồ sộ write the resume for job application.

B. The mistakes people make when applying for a job.

C. The common way đồ sộ make impression in a job interview.

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D. The necessary skills for job application.