đăng ký thi thpt quốc gia 2023

Due to lớn the Covid-19 impact, the Ministry of Education and Training has yet announced exam date as well as exam and enrollment regulations in 2021. The national high school exam is scheduled to lớn take place on July 7 and 8.

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According to lớn the Ministry’s plan, candidates will register to lớn sit the national high school exam from April 24 to lớn May 10 and also apply for universities during this time

Candidates can register by submitting papers of mark to lớn their own schools. Candidates can either use national high school exam paper or use personal tài khoản and password after registering to lớn take the national high school exam.

Therefore, this year enrolment is different from prior years as candidates have two application options including direct application and online application.

According to lớn the Ministry of Education and Training’s regulation, universities have to lớn publicize their admission plans on their websites before March 31 sánh that candidates can refer to lớn and make inquiries about information before applying.

This year, universities are given complete autonomy in admission; hence, they can employ different ways for admission. In addition to lớn evaluation of students’ national high school exam results, school can review students’ academic reports and aptitude test results. When applying, candidates can choose different ways simultaneously to lớn increase the chance to lớn be admitted because all ways are equal.

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In related news, the Hanoi National University yesterday announced the aptitude test model in for the new academic in 2021. The test includes 150 multiple choice questions and 18 gap-filling questions in 195 minutes.


Over 26,000 students sit 2nd round of national high school exam

Over 26,000 students sit 2nd round of national high school exam

A total 26,075 candidates, equivalent to lớn 98.45 percent, have been taking the second round of the national high school graduation examination, which began on September 3.

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